Book Snowmobiles activities in Baqueira Beret
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  • Book Snow-Shoeing activities in Baqueira Beret
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  • Book Snow-Shoeing activities in Baqueira Beret
  • Book Snowmobiles activities in Baqueira Beret

Baqueira Beret is the biggest and most popular ski resort in Northern Spain, but there’s more to do there than just skiing. Of course, the majority of people visit the area for its fantastic skiing, but there is an awful more to do here. Here we look at just a few of the non-ski activities that can be enjoyed in Baqueira Beret during your stay.

Ice Skating

No winter resort would be complete without a chance to get in some ice skating. Baqueira Beret is no different. Take your blades with your or rent some while you’re there and spend some quality time on the ice.


If you’re someone who enjoys hiking, then snow-shoeing is a great way to enjoy the area’s wonderful scenic views at your own pace. Snowshoes distribute body weight and stop you sinking into the deep snow. You can book a guided experience with an instructor to show you exactly how it’s done.


For a truly captivating experience in Baqueira Beret, there is no better time to be had than on a dog sledding trip. Available for kids and adults alike, dog sledding lets you enjoy the picturesque surroundings at speed, pulled along by beautiful huskies.

Dinner in a Mountain Hug

Once evening has arrived and the excitement of the day has died down, why not try a wonderful meal at mountain hug. There’s nothing quite like enjoying good food in a cosy environment after a long day on the slopes.


If you prefer your evening pastimes a little less sedate and cosy, Baqueira Beret has its own bowling alley, so you can enjoy time with family in a social environment.

This has just been a small selection of the wide variety of Apres Ski activities available in Baqueira Beret. It just goes to show that there’s much more to the area than simply world-class skiing. Want to try any of these? Call as for booking your Baqueira experience.

Pinxto Pote in Baqueira. Basteret Proposal
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Pintxo Pote

After you’ve finished a long and enjoyable day on the slopes of Baqueira Beret, you’ll likely have worked up something of an appetite and it’s well served by the Spanish tradition that’s known as Pintxo Pote. Pintxo Pote takes places all across Northern Spain on one particular night of the week and in Baqueira Beret that night is a Tuesday.

So, what exactly is Pintxo Pote? Well, it’s a night of the week where various bars in the town offer a selection of fantastic local wines and beers along with a pintxo – which is a Spanish word for small snacks that are eaten in bars. There is typically just a small fixed price involved too, of around €2-3 and it’s wonderful way to sample some of the amazing local cuisine – but in bitesize portions.

Where to Look

Finding establishments offering Pintxo-Pote on Tuesday evenings in Baqueira Beret and along the Valley (Artíes, Vielha…) is quite simple, as you’ll soon discover that those who do will often put out signs outside to advertise the fact. You’ll always be assured of some truly mouthwatering and interesting culinary fare, as each bar will have their own particular take on the tradition – so be prepared to try something new and interesting!

What Time Does Pintxo Pote Occur?

Whilst the times that Pintxo Pote will happen in Baqueira Beret and the Valley will vary from bar to bar, it generally gets underway at about 7 pm and goes on until around 11 pm – or until the food and drink on offer runs out. As you walk in you’ll find the Pintxo Pote selection offered lined up on the bar’s counter ready for customers to tuck in.

Pintxo Pote is a popular event in Baqueira Beret, so you’ll find it to be a well attended social affair and whatever you eat and drink on the night, you’re assured of a time you’ll likely never forget.

If you want to try this experience in a hassle free way, you can book with us your own guided Pinxto Pote Experience

Baqueira Beret resort (Pyrenees)
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If you’re thinking of taking your famuly skiing, Baqueira Beret resort is a fabulous destination.

Spain might not instantly spring to mind when you’re thinking of organising a group or family skiing trip, however Spain has a fantastic resort to offer: Baqueira Beret. The stunning mountain scenery will delight and enthral as you take to the slopes. Offering a range of runs from beginner to expert on crisp fresh snow, your certain to find the best skiing possible in a place you might not have previously considered.

Family ski trips

The warm and friendly team of Sun Ski Trips are on hand to help you with your requirements. They’ll make sure that you have everything you need with regards to accommodation depending on your budget and the amenities you’ll need access to. There are different class sizes available so no matter the size or particularity of your group you’ll still get the full skiing experience.

Ski Lessons

If you have a group of beginners, we have brilliant ski instructors to get the kids ready for the slopes. They’ll make sure that learning to Ski is fun and that the kids are ready to tackle the runs within their safety limits. Meanwhile, if you just want to continue to develop your exiting techniques, we have lessons available for all levels of Ski enthusiast.

Equipment Rental

From Ski’s and clothing through to sun visors, they’ll make sure you have everything you need to hit the slopes. Specialist shops cater for all snow sports. If you want to try different activities with the family, it’s easy to hire what you need and embark on a new adventure.

What to Expect

Once you arrive you can rest assured that you and your family will receive first-class treatment. Your guide will explain you’re itinerary and answer any questions you might have. In the hands of the Baquieria experts, you’ll be free to concentrate on having fun in the snow-capped peaks. You will know that you and your group are in the safest of hands.

Value for money

Our team will make sure your lift passes, transfers, activities and restaurants are included at an affordable price. Food and accommodation are excellent quality with a range of options. They will provide the energy and relaxation you need after an exciting day on the mountain. Superior skiing is not to be missed at this resort which is rated as one of Europe’s hidden treasure.

Sun Ski Trips
is passionate about the region and the fantastic slopes. If you’re thinking of taking your family skiing, Baqueira Beret resort is a fabulous destination that’s not to be missed. Any questions? Our team is on hand to provide you with answers and deliver a skiing package that will leave lasting memories. You’ll want to come back time and time again!